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Rose Trip Maroc, a charity trek


Charity at the heart of the Rose Trip Maroc

Apart from the physical dimension, the Rose Trip Maroc is also a charity trek. From the beginning, Désertours has been collaborating for all of their events with the development projects of the association Enfants du Désert.

During the Rose Trip Maroc trek each hiker is invited to support these charity actions: each step taken in the desert is a step towards solidarity. The all-female trios also gather for the projects of Ruban Rose association.

#Enfants du Désert

Charity with the Enfants du Désert association

For more than fourteen years, Désertours has been collaborating with the Enfants du Désert association (founded by Laetitia Chevallier). Their motto «Learning how to read, write and count is a right for all», perfectly sums up their actions in favor of education and better living conditions for the children of remote regions. Located in the Province of Errachidia, the Enfants du Désert association works in the south of Morocco to improve the children’s education conditions. Since 2005, thanks to our collaboration, fantastic projects have been made possible: 28 new classrooms and 5 schools, new sport and school material, a caravan containing hygiene materials and house renovations. The association focuses on four fields of action: education, health, sustainable development and sponsorship.


Through the charity Rose Trip Maroc trek women can, if they wish, financially support the association’s projects.

#Ruban Rose

Charity with Ruban Rose association

Today, one in eight women is affected by breast cancer. Since 2012, Désertours has been a partner of the association Ruban Rose through striking actions which have the primary goal of giving maximum visibility, through an original communication. The 100% female trek created in 2018 celebrates the association during the solidarity challenge which is the last step of the South Moroccan trek. Objective: to push all the Roses Trekkeuses to reach the top of the highest dune in Merzouga. The only way to do this is to form a human chain on the last, extremely steep part of the ascent. The Roses Trekkeuses unite naturally to climb the mountain of sand and reach this majestic peak, in tribute to the women who surpass themselves and help each other every day to fight the disease. No classification matters on this united stage, the common victory for all the participants is dedicated to those who are fighting against breast cancer.

The spectacular and moving images are massively relayed by the media – print media, television – and social networks.

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