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Surfrider Foundation

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Surfrider Foundation

Surfrider Foundation Maroc is the first entity from the Maghreb countries and the African continent to join the international Surfrider Foundation network.

Born from the action of visionary surfers in the United States, the Surfrider Foundation network has extended to Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Europe and Japan. Surfrider has acquired, during its existence, real expertise in the fields of research, local action, as well as in the creation and distribution of educational tools.

Surfrider Foundation Maroc works for the protection, management and sustainable development of the Moroccan coast and has set itself three objectives:

  • Educate, raise awareness, train in the coastal environment
  • Protect the environment: its coastline, its beaches and its oceans
  • Inform and mobilize on pollution problems


Non-profit association, Surfrider Foundation Maroc has not ceased, since its creation in April 2010, to carry out awareness-raising actions in schools, in cooperatives but also in businesses and to draw the attention of the general Moroccan public to pollution of its coasts.

Surfrider Foundation Maroc represents the “Ocean Community” bringing together all those who are passionate about the sea, waves, the beach and the Moroccan coast.

« We dream of a clean coastline and healthy beaches. Simply! »