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Charity actions with Enfants du désert

#Enfants du Désert

A goat-farming project for a women's cooperative

With the goal of improving durably the living conditions of the Errachidia region population, the Enfants du désert association has been working in this desert area since 2005. The projects that have been carried out with the children can also benefit their mothers who face radical difficulties.

For the second edition of the Rose Trip trek, our lasting charity partner, Enfants du désert, has decided to develop the project iniated in 2018 in favour of the women of the region. In order to promote a sustainable development in this Moroccan village, a goat-farming project has been launched through a women’s cooperative. In order to cope with the dry climate conditions of the Errachidia Province, Enfants du désert, in collaboration with the Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture, have decided to breed the Draâ goats. They are robust goats, capable to survive in such dry environments. They have become our first allies of our charity action! In 2019, 170 goats were given to 85 women: 43 of them are living in Haroun and 42 came from near by Rissani. Those from outside the village are mothers of sponsored childs thanks to Enfants du Désert.

The Draâ goats, why?

By the age of 1, the goat will give birth to 2 to 4 babies. Through the cooperative activities and by selling milk or meat, the women will be able to earn an income for the first time. Each year, thanks to the Rose Trip collaboration, Enfants du désert will be able to buy the newly born goats and donate them to other women. Each woman will also be able to keep some of the collected milk in order to feed her children. Goat milk is high in proteins and minerals.

An active collaboration for a long-lasting project

For this project, we collaborate with the Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture whose role will be to conduct the project with the Enfants du désert team. Their expertise in goat breeding will be essential for the beneficiaries who should be able through these trainings to generate their own economic activity thanks to the appropriate management of the cooperative and the farm. The women also benefit from classes to learn how to read. The Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture is in charge of coordinating the project, especially the sanitary (vaccination) and the construction (development of the folds) characteristics in order to guarantee the compliance of the project with the local and current legislation.

Contribute to the project

The Rose Trip trek members wish to join this project. Désertours will assume the costs of the cooperative and the folds’ equipment.  As for you, you can collaborate by financing the purchase of goats and their food (lucerne).  Thanks to 400 €, we will be able to buy a goat (250€) and feed it for a year (150€). For more information, contact the Enfants du désert association


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