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Registration fees


How much does it cost to register a team?

The registration fees are 1,590 € per person (2,385 $CAD) and 4,770 € per team (7,155 $CAD).

#The Pack

The registration fees include

  • Registration for the three team members
  • A personal adventure adviser
  • Transfer from the bivouac to the solidarity challenge and the dedicated afternoon
  • Organization of the trek
  • Free tools in order to get ready: video tutorials, posters and other media
  • 5 nights in tents in organized bivouacs
  • Full board in Morocco from 28/10 dinner to 2/11 breakfast
  • Water and fruits during the stages of the trek
  • Medical assistance
  • Organization of the bivouacs (tent set-up and folding up, mattress and blankets)
  • Showers and toilets in the bivouacs
  • Closing ceremony (private party, dinner and drinks)
  • Communication and media coverage before, during and after the trek
  • Liability insurance of the organization
  • Daily maps and briefings
  • Daily broadcasting of videos and pictures in the « live trek »
  • A souvenir film and picture

#Not included

The registration fees do not include

  • The security pack including a GPS odometer and a geolocation device (200 euros (300 $CAD) per team)
  • The flights for the three team members and the transfer from the airport to the bivouac
  • Drinks during meals
  • Personal expenses
  • Sanitary repatriation insurance (25 euros (40$CAD) per person)
  • The transfer from and to Casablanca (bus, night half board)
  • Cancelation insurance (optional but highly recommanded: 168 euros (250$CAD))