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Do you have any questions about the orienteering all-female Rose Trip trek? Here you will find the answers!

Participation and administrative procedures

What is a trek?

A trek is an outdoor hiking and orienteering competition that lasts one or several days and during which participants sleep in bivouacs.

What is a bivouac?

A bivouac is a temporary outdoor campsite.

How old should I be to participate?

You must be at least 18-years-old in order to participate in the Rose Trip trek.

Am I able to face this challenge and get to the finish line?

Yes. The only thing you need is a strong motivation. You must also believe in yourself! Do not forget that in this adventure you will function as a team and that you can always help each other!

How many members should there be in a team?

You must be a group of three women to form a team.

I would like to participate but I do not have any teammates. What can I do?

You are not alone; many potential candidates are in the same situation. Do not hesitate to use the social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter! You can also contact the Rose Trip team, they can help you find teammates; sometimes other participants who face the same situation have contacted us. In that case, we will connect you with pleasure. You can also pre-register in order to guarantee your participation. You can give us the information of your teammates later.

How much does it cost?

Registration fees are 1,590€ (2,340$ CAD) per person and 4,770 € (7,020$ CAD) per team.

How can I pre-register?

You can pre-register on our website by downloading the pre-registration form. Once you have filled the document, print it and send it along with a 300€ down payment (per team). This amount is refundable under certain circumstances. (See terms and conditions)

What is included in the registration fees?

Find all the information you need in the 2020 Edition section >Registration fees

Should I subscribe to a special insurance contract for the event?

Yes, you must hold a valid a repatriation insurance that is not included in the registration fees. We also advise you to have a cancelation insurance in case you have any problem after the registration process is completed.

Should I bring money?

Yes. You we’ll need to buy small extras. Do not forget to change your currency into dirham, if possible. You will also be able to change small amounts of money in the bivouacs.


How can I gather this amount of money?

If you are looking for solutions to gather more money, the Rose Trip team has several financing documents that have proved to be efficient. You can organize bingos, yard sales, theme parties…You can try and find sponsorship with the companies around you. If your company decides to cover 100% of the costs, you can take part in the club entreprises category and benefit from a greater visibility for yourself and your company. Our team of professionals will be available to guide you during the entire process.

You can also finance yourself, part of or 100% of the registration.

Accommodation and catering during the event

What kind of accommodation will there be?

During the trek, you will sleep in bivouacs.

Should we bring a sleeping bag and a tent for the bivouac?

The tent is supplied, the mattress, a pillow and a small cover. Howewer, you can bring your sleeping bag, nights are fresh in Morocco. Dinners and breakfast will be served in a restaurant tent. Toilets and showers will also be available.

Is the accommodation included in the registration fees?

Yes, accommodation is included in the registration fees. (5 nights in the bivouac).

Are all the meals included?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included during the Rose Trip Maroc, from Day 1 (dinner) to last day (breakfast). Organization members will distribute lunches, as picnics. Water and snacks will be available during the stages in several checkpoints.

Physical and athletic training

Should I follow a special physical training before the trek?

It’s not mandatory but recommended. You can always go hiking in the weekends sometimes, so you will get used to your news shoes and test your endurance. Once again, your enthusiasm and the thrill of living a unique adventure will motivate you along the way.

At what altitude will we be hiking?

800 meters max.

What is the average temperature in Morocco in November?

The average temperature in Morocco in November varies between 14°C and 20°C during the day. However, the temperature can drop overnight.

General and sanitary equipment

What kind of luggage should I bring?

It is recommended that you carry a 50L, 60L backpack rather than a trolley case. You should also bring a smaller backpack (around 20L) in order to carry your water and snacks.

What kind of shoes should I bring?

High hiking shoes are recommended so that the sand does not bother you. You can also bring hiking gaiters.

What kind of clothes should I bring?

You should bring comfortable clothes for the trek’s stages (leggings, sportswear, hiking pants with pockets, breathable tee-shirts, hiking shoes and hats). Bring also warm clothes for the night (pants, tee-shirt, athletic underwear, fleece jacket and wind-proof jacket). Bring another outfit for the trip and closing night as well as comfortable shoes.

What kind of equipment will Désertours provide?

Per team, Désertours provides a geolocation device, a GPS odometer and maps. The organization gives out lunch boxes, water and snacks.

What kind of mandatory equipment should we bring during the stages?

You will receive all the information you need in the general and athletic rules of the trek, once you have completed the final registration process.


Is there an Internet connection on site?


Can I share my adventure on social media?

Yes, of course! You can talk about your adventure and share it with your friends and family as long as an Internet connection is available.


You will be able to buy SIM and internet cards in the information centre of the trek. You will be able to use the available phone.


If I get lost, is there a way to contact the organization members?

Each participant will carry a geolocation device thanks to which she can launch an alert and contact the organization members in case of emergency.


Is a medical certificate mandatory to participate in the Rose Trip?

A medical certificate is mandatory for all of the three team members. It must be sent to Désertours at the latest 60 days before departure and must indicate that there are no contraindications for the members to participate in a trek in a desert. Please note that the certificate must have been established less than three months before we receive it and must be valid for the entire length of the trek.

Which vaccinations are mandatory in Morocco?

No vaccinations are required.

Should I bring a medical kit in my backpack?

You will receive a list after you have completed the registration process. This list is mandatory and the medical team will check you have all the elements during the medical verifications.

Is there a medical assistance?

A full medical assistance will be there: doctors, nurses, osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropodists, masseuses… The Red Cross will be also present.

General organization of the event

Should I carry my large backpack or luggage during the stages?

No. We will remain in the same bivouac. You can leave your bags during the day.

The trek

When will I know the hiking route?

On the first day of the adventure, you will receive the three maps for the entire trek corresponding to your category. It will then be you who will plan your route everyday in order to validate all the beacons.

How long are the stages?

All the stages are different and the number of kilometres varies every day, depending on the stages and on the loops to cover. The Open category is between 15 and 19 km (loop) the Open + between 18 and 23 km (loop) and the Expert category, between 23 and 27 km.

Is it a speed race?

No, speed is not a criterion!


What causes do we support during this edition?

You can learn more about the associations Désertours supports under The trek information; and soon, we will publish more information regarding the specific actions we support during this edition in the 2020 Edition section

The Club Entreprises

What is the Club Entreprise?

Find all the information you need here: the Club Entreprises.

How can I convince my company to sponsor me?

Find all the information you need here: the Club Entreprises.