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Why take part as a company team?


The Rose Trip trek, a strong company commitment

The Rose Trip trek offers the opportunity to live a long-lasting and unique experience. This unifying adventure will stimulate cohesion and interaction between your employees, will build a strong team spirit and strengthen corporate culture.


The Club's benefits for a company

Participating in such an event, improves your company’s image. Here are the main benefits:

  • Reinforce team spirit and build a real team cohesion between your employees: such as any team building activity, the Rose Trip trek will allow the team members to get to know each other better in order to make the most of their skills. Together, these women will have to listen and support each other, organize and surpass themselves and make decisions together in order to solve the problems they may encounter. They will have to live together in an unfamiliar environment and face this endurance challenge.
  • Link your company to an event with positive values: the Rose Trip trek is an environmental friendly, endurance and charity event. Is the well-being of your employees one of your priorities on a daily basis? Do you consider that sports can reinforce team spirit and is a key element in the well-being of your employees? You like offering your employees new challenges? You wish to contribute to development and environmental actions? This trek embodies these values and gives you the opportunity to commit yourself to improving the well-being of your employees by offering them the possibility to participate in an unforgettable event.
  • Benefit from a great visibility for your company: the Rose Trip trek enjoys important media coverage in France and abroad. Many media have covered the event for the 2019: C8, M6, CNEWS, Sport en France, Geo, Vital, Paulette Magazine, Challenges…


Special ranking for companies

Wearing the company’s logo, your employees will compete for the Club Entreprises trophy in the OPEN, OPEN + or EXPERTE categories*. This trophy was especially created for the companies who wish to enrol teams in the Rose Trip adventure.

A special ranking will be established on a daily basis as well as a Club Entreprises ranking inside the OPEN, OPEN + and EXPERTE categories where you will be able to appreciate your employees’ efforts. You will also be able to follow their race and see their progress every day through the live race.

After the 3-days competition, a general ranking will be established and the best Club Entreprise team will receive the Trophy of its category (OPEN, OPEN + or EXPERTE). The winning company can obviously decide to defend its Trophy by enrolling one or several teams for the following edition.


*In regards of the Rose Trip Sénégal, only one category will compete : the Open +

You wish to enrol one or several teams?

Join the Club Entreprises!