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The Club Entreprises members in 2018


They trusted us

Discover the companies of the « Club Entreprises » category who trusted us in 2018; among them, MSD France and Cart1er. In total, four teams competed for the Trophée and the MSD France team won.

MSD France

In France since 1961, MSD France, is a pharmaceutical laboratory specialized in research and is a branch of the American company Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, NJ, USA. MSD France’s goal is to offer patients and specialists global and innovating health supply, through medication (four main therapeutic fields: cardiovascular metabolism, oncology, antimicrobial resistance, vaccines), solutions and services, more particularly digital service. For more information, visit or follow them on Twitter and Linkedin.

Because our mission is to improve and save the patients’ lives, it seemed obvious to take part in this adventure against breast cancer. At the beginning, one person wished to participate and then 3 and finally 9: the teams 151, 152 and 153. This proves MSD’s commitment and support in favour of its employees and their projects. We hope that this event will be as inspiring for the participating teams as well as for their colleagues who will follow their adventure.


CARTIER is a Quebec advertising agency based in Montréal. For 27 years, their only goal has been to contribute to the success of their clients: guide them thanks to their experience, enlighten them thanks to their thoughts and inspire them with inventive solutions. In CARTIER they believe in youth; young staff members are in charge, guided and under the supervision of senior managers, to develop the different clients’ campaigns. On a daily basis, this works through a real collegiality, where nothing is subdivided or impossible. One firm, forty communication professionals and the desire to change things: a simple recipe that makes them want to come back every day and ask for more. For more information, visit the or follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

Nowadays, women are more newsworthy than ever. We hear their voices, and their movements multiply in the advertising world and elsewhere. CARTIER has always been an agency that puts women into the spotlights and has always given them an opportunity to express themselves. By taking part, as a company, in this challenge, CARTIER wishes to demonstrate the importance (and the force) of these women inside the company and the pride to have such a solid and remarkable team, who doesn’t take things for granted, who is always looking for the truth and great challenges. We all support the team 150!


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